Innocent Faces

Afghan children effected on the war against terrorism in Afghanistan. children life’s in image.

Afghanistan children are courage and brave with having high morality of life stress and pressures, they suffer bad situations and fight merely against those situations. a child is innocent, they are child like children in other places of world, and their rights should be respected as a child, violation of children right is a huge crime of humanity but even they are also huge victims on the war against terrorism plus wrong policies and leaderships, and are being scarified. their hardship and stand is appreciative, but it is so shocking that as a minimum, government cannot even provide protection for them, Which is a civil right of every human even unborn. being as a democratic government, it needs to follow and respect children rights conventions, which is the most important step for well founding upcoming generation. otherwise with out doubt, the active government and responsible authorities will be accountable for their future.

The execution of Zarmeena.
After enduring years of brutal abuse, Zarmeena killed her husband while he slept.She was sentenced to death.Under Islamic Law, the victim’s family may forgive the murderer.Her husband’s family forgave her.However, since they had already announced the execution and invited thousands of guests to attend, the Taliban refused to spare her in violation of the very Islamic Law they pretend to follow. Zarmeena’s seven children were forced to watch the execution

Below Photo, school boys killed in Nangarhar province, east of Kabul, in an explosion.

Below Photo: Aug. 22, 2008, shows an Afghan child who was allegedly killed during a raid in Azizabad village of Shindand district of Herat province west of Kabul, Afghanistan

Below Photo: One child cries while two others play in a refugee camp in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan

Below Photo: According to “Afghanistan Human Development Report” released by the U.N. Development Programme. around 20 percent of Afghan children cannot live longer than 5 years old because of hardship like illness, hunger and cold etc

Below Photo: An Afghan girl trying to learn something and supporting her family also. she is so courage and daring. she wants to do her best for building a good future. i wish, all those who fight, god bring love to their hearts and wisdom to their mind to stop fighting. i wish that the Roots of Hate, extremism, terrorism, discrimination, war Etc.. be burned,  because it is important elements for prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan.

Below Photo: This photo is self talking, what this child might be thinking about? Mother, normal life, having funs, good destiny, good clothes or shoes, childhood playings with friends, education, good caring etc..

Below photo: there can be found many secrets in this photo but it needs a heart not a mind to feel her. “Education is right of every child”, every law is protected by act and actions otherwise the law have no affection and will be meaningless for interpretations.

Below Photo; who is responsible for this and who left her in such bad situation ? her eyes can give us message for being united, so that every if everything we face, so we face together,

who is responsible for these situations? as a child what is their sin in this world to lose their body parts?


child labor is a clear abuse of children rights, government must be able to provide fair law, education, employment, health and most important security for citizens.

Fear should no longer exist.


i wish a peaceful and successful Afghanistan and a bright future for all afghans specially all children and more specially those who are suffering hardships and have been lost their parent in the combat of terrorism. the only working way for reconstruction of a bright and lawful Afghanistan is to eliminate corruption, stop discrimination, respect human rights, stop fighting, improving education, respect women rights, promoting justice, well governance plus satisfactory leadership, these elements can lead Afghanistan to a peaceful Afghanistan. i wish a day arrive that no child work because of poverty, no child cry because of loss, no child be illiterate, no child without home and food. no child violations and abuses. we serve for peace, peace for all !


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