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Terrorism in Afghanistan and Crisis for World (9/11)

The September 11 attacks (often referred to 9/11), an incident which caused changes and effected in two countries in the world, America and Afghanistan. on which four passenger jet airliners were hijacked and series of suicide attacks coordinated by terrorist organization Al-Qaida over united states s’ twin tower of the world trade center, New York city, pentagon Washington D.C and rural Pennsylvania  some 3000 innocent people died as result and more than 6000 injured.

The incident for U.S. and international community was shocking, because they recognized that despite of having strong internal security realm consist of facilities and highly advanced military technology is still possible to be put at risk. and this action’s alert to all world was that the existence of an uncontrolled risk center in a place of the world can threaten elsewhere’s security in the world. and make it risk full. The huge human casualties and material losses were catastrophic. The main defendants were Taliban and Al-Qaida. Afghanistan a global crisis center was forgotten for many years after the soviet withdrawal. George Bush Former president of US linked this incident to Al Qaida organization and urged Taliban to submit theirs group leader “Osama bin laden”, to United States. Refusal by Taliban’s leader for submission of Osama bin laden to US caused that the United States attacked over Taliban military centers on 7th October 2001 and overthrew Taliban government in Afghanistan. International community through holding several conferences for supporting Afghanistan committed the large amounts to Afghanistan. On base of some reports so far more than 30 billion dollars aid to Afghanistan has been took place. The military troops of peace loving countries got involved for bringing peace and liberty to lives of Afghans. Norway, together with its military troops took active part against fighting for international terrorism and has been serving Afghanistan for being a country with sustainable peace and playing strong function for economical and humanitarian supports to both Afghanistan’s public and government.

Bonn Conference 2001 for establishing afghan government

But, what message the 9/11 incident could had for the people of Afghanistan? The first effects of 9/11 to Afghanistan was overthrown of Taliban government, Afghanistan’s people were tired of Taliban oppressions and dictatorships’ ruling and after hearing of 9/11 incident they strongly condemned such terrorist acts. However, this incident was a painful act for all humans, but meanwhile it had good promises for Afghans as well. Afghans were hoping as that after this incident they would find strong international supporters to save their country and wished that there will be no more home burning wars in their land and by getting such support their country will remain safe to live. The hope, which still keeps Afghans unreached.

Since the fall of the Taliban, It has been nine years that the international community in Afghanistan is looking to win the war against international terrorism. But to have lasting victory over international terrorism, will require clear and precise attention to the roots of terrorism. The best remembrance and tribute to the victims of terrorism is the elimination of its institutional setup in our world. Unfortunately the recently 18 Sep 2010 parliamentary election in Afghanistan illustrated that Taliban and Al Qaida wider their movements to return back to political scene of Afghanistan. Due to afghan’s government weak commitments and the bureaucratic corruptions caused government for not being a credible and trust-able face to people. There for field for Taliban return has been prepared.

This is one of the biggest challenges against the international community and afghan government objectives while they supposed Afghanistan to become a region under rule of law of a responsible government. And to eliminate the risks for international community on existing of irresponsible governance administration like Taliban in such geographical regions.

2010 afghan parliamentary election

18 September 2010: was parliamentary Election Day in Afghanistan according to its constitutional law to re-elect members for parliament. One of the major pillars in any democratic system. Such elections are important for consolidation of the peace process and the institutionalization of democracy; this is a requirement for any prosperous and lawful society. The conduct of these elections is, with out doubt, an indication of the country’s move towards to the rule of law in case if there is security. Unfortunately 18 Sep election was accompanied with many sacrifices, tragedies, frauds, violence and large amount of intimidations and caused the voters to vote for cost of their life. Violent acts of extremists prevent the people to fully participate in the process. According to election commission of Afghanistan only 40% voters participated. There are 11.4 millions eligible voters in Afghanistan, only 3.6 million voted according to ballot papers counting. Participators were threatened for not participating in any form in 18 Sep election otherwise their finger will be cut or be killed. More then 40 election officers and workers were kidnapped; some electoral staffs were killed, candidates, campaigners, civilians were threatened, women’s were prevented for participation. Intimidations caused closure of 1019 polling centers, and polling centers in Election Day were attacked and caused many civilian casualties. But base on political and healthy governance specifications, can we found a parliament only by 40% votes of population for a country, where there should be representatives from all tribes and nations? Is it a good achievement for democracy founding? I think we can only found and mean democracy in peaceful situation. If there is no security so there is no guarantee for civilians to use their civil rights and there for democracy can’t be meaningful in unsecure situations.  But Over existence of these all deep problems, the brave and courageous participation of the Afghans and their trust and belief in democracy and nation building are appreciated in the post conflict era.

21 September 2010: was a world peace day I hope celebration of such peace days promote justice and found peace for world. Peace is common benefit between all humans. Lets put end to wars otherwise wars can put end to our world. We cannot win any war by fighting, but we can by making peace and forgiveness. This world is our shared village, it is colorful and beautiful, and so why we should change the colors to black smokes. Let’s stop punishing innocent life, violence and war, because war destroys our values, identity, human histories and cultures, hopes, values and finally humanity and love. War brings misery and born idiotism, War divide humans. Let’s stop it so more lives can be saved. Let’s educate generations for peace to be peace scientists rather then modern scientists.

What ever religion, nation, color, culture, language if we are, but we are all human of this civilized world. And we all understand each other by signs of humanity.

I hope my self to be a mind for peace writing, a voice for peace shouting, a student for peace learning, an eraser for war, a servant for peace serve and finally a human for peace keeping.

Lets be Conqueror of peace in world with unlimited empire.

Writer: Ahmad Shah Halimi


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