means to live free of pain and lend a helping hand, it means laughter of a child and hold visions of love in your mind, not making the others wrong, having a heart open wide, being there when some cries, forgiving another from the bottom of your heart, these are all reflections of peace in human life. Peace starts from love

we are on earth to live, to love, to see the beauty of life,  to feel the rain drops and to feel the sunshine let’s effort for peace and stop more blood shed from wars and let there be no more tears falling from eyes.

I look forward to the day when all who work for a living will be one no thought to their race, religion, language, nation and culture. This will be the day when people will not argue that the color of a man’s skin determines the content of his character; this will be the day when all resources will be held for the rest of humanity, a dream that every man will respect the dignity and worth of the human personality.

There will be no peace with out justice and no peace with out love.

Writer: Ahmad Shah Halimi 

گر مسلمان گر مسیحی گر یهود                                              آدمی باشید مذهب هر چه بود

I was feeling a bit lost since I hadn’t written in a while. My down side is that I usually write when I feel pain about something, and if that is the case then sadly these days I’m not a very passionate person.

Today I visited my old mail and blogs home. Went through some deadly old pasts and realized that my virtual world has now evolved to a point where my friends who previously mailed or commented are now another friend calls it: my “21st century friends”.

It got me wondering it I truly believe that these amazing, wonderful individuals are really friends or just acquaintances on my lie journey. Well some are most definitely that.. Just acquaintances but some others are not.

I met some wonderful and weird people in the last three years of my life through the internet. These people I rely on and cherish and respect as treasure for who they are. We have had the obscene internet communication in past and moved to deeper understanding face to face, these friendships will continue to grow and no doubt be friends.

This doesn’t mean that I am leaving my old school or university, campus and face to face non internet friends, definitely not!!! But I am saying that all my relationships are unique and significant in their own ways. And when people question me: can you really have true friends over the internet? I can turn around and tell them YES!!! And when I say it I believe every single word, emotional and meaning behind the word. So internet was my life for some years.

Tears are the best phenomenon of the world, but till it doesn’t take nicest things from human It will not offer itself to human.

To all my friends, 21st century friends or not…. You are my world!!! I may never call, I may forget to even sms, but I think of you and I miss you and love you!!!!

Writer: Ahmad Shah Halimi


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