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Launching the PEACE SERVE was formed by two bloggers who dedicate their online writings on Afghanistan situations analysis, internal and regional conflicts plus security alerts and political landscape.

Ahmad shah Halimi and Adrees Safi. We collectively decided that according to the experience, knowledge, researched fact findings, and understanding which every single one of us have from different fields and situation, would be better to plan our time and creative efforts into a productive and fruitful project under name of PEACE SERVE in order to shift our country toward a better progressive and peaceful future as a responsible and dependable young generation. there for PEACE SERVE was born. in this productive project we have the following goals and objectives for which we try our best.

To improve democracy and work for sustainable peace is our vision, supporting human rights in form of equality and promoting justice and rule of law is our efforts. helping and rising the voice of those who are suffering prosecutions in different forms and are under pressure of oppressions and brutalities regardless of their ethnicity, language, tribe and race,  but considering as human and supporting their rights through this web log is our obligatory humanitarian task. to reflect about the fundamentalist and extremists who are running and are responsible for different type of crimes and abuses in the world and use oppressions over people, is our life mission. encouragement for unification and brotherhood is our idea

Our mission is to provide current and accurate information related to issues of peace and democracy through the use of information tabling, and our timely matters series published through peace serve web log. We believe in the Unitarian Universalism, principle of the inter-connectedness of all life. When there is war and suffering anywhere, we all suffer. We believe that the preservation of democracy and achievement of world peace requires a knowledgeable and active citizenry. generally we are in seek and in support of  following objectives and goals

  • supporting peace education and democratic youth group’s political rights for participation and decision making on political issues of Afghanistan.
  • back-up community for being volunteer peace servers and campaigners through network members.
  • reflecting information through politicians analysis, articles, writings, videos and photos on crimes, abuses and injustice by extremism going on as well government weak actions, incapacity and political gaps.
  • news for Afghanistan regional political matters and conflicts.
  • campaign for elimination of violations, protection of citizens right, awareness of civilian rights, condition of refugees, attention for youth groups, promotion of justice and rule of law and peace educations.

sustainable peace toward democracy and liberty is the only way to achieve success along the way of prosperous society and peaceful life. in some places of this big world, peace is still an unachievable dream for some people, but of course in some corner peace is included in every seconds of people’s life. so  there is a strong need for supporting and promoting peace and to lighten more on justice, human rights and democracy is a needful requirement.  this is the responsibility of every one to spread these information around. as a human, this is accountable for our humanity duty and responsibility in our world for securing peaceful world and prosperity to life of people. and fight against crimes and tortures and terrorism.

Join hands together through peace serve virtual page for efforts and committing us to peace efforts and anti-terrorism movements in our civilized world !!


Peace Serve:

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2 responses to “About Us

  1. Romall

    May 7, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    why one has photo and another no ?

  2. ALi

    May 8, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    Mafqyat beshtar BA shoma Arzo mekonam !!!!


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