Welcome to Peace Serve Web log

22 Apr

ښه راغلاست د سولې پالن خبرال ويب پاڼه ته

خوش آمدید به وبلاگ خدمتگاری صلح

we youth, are peace server

ما جوانان، خدمتگاران صلح هستیم            موږ ځوانان، د سولې پالنگران یو

Living Peacefully is a Natural Right !

let’s come together and unite as one people and one organ of humanity…and let’s believe in ourselves that we are ALL capable of doing so. let’s trust in a brighter future….let’s start building the lost trust among each other once again. let’s do it now in any ways we can…… and let’s not consider each other based on issues of religion, race, nation, language or ethnic.

Democracy is not a regime to be against with it neither any religion nor any culture, but it is a way of life for humans with different models accepted by people around the every corner of the world. but real democracy is of course founded with some principles such as freedom of movement and speech, equality of human rights, respect for women rights and children rights, importance of education, balance of power between various branches of government, freedom of expression of ideas, people’s choice through people’s participation for electing their representatives and leaders. but mean while, on the other hand democracy can be effected by some factors such as  fundamentalists, extremists, corruption, terror, violation of law and human rights, issues of borders etc..

without doubt war, terrorism plus poor governance born poverty, dark ideologies, illiteracy, damages. it makes orphans & cries on Innocent faces,

unhealthy government system can make citizen vulnerable, opposition to democratic and peace full ideas can effect stability and security of a country, protection of human rights and justice can lead nations to a better and trustful future, or otherwise hopeless and distrust will be build among people. a healthy democracy and governance is based on a transparent leadership and governance. crime and abusive actions against democratic and peaceful environment put in danger the rights of citizens and there fore fighting against crimes and abuses need strong efforts based on braveness and strong commitment of democratic governments and leaders. Afghanistan is a country where there happen daily violations of human rights, abuses against humanity and women, injustice, extremism are increasing and wider their movement toward achieving their objective and goals.

to condemn terrorist attacks by talk and speech is not a sign of strong and powerful government, though a  healthy government must take action against enemy of peace and stability and stop such attacks by any course of actions, government shouldn’t have an observer role, but indeed it is needed to feel responsible for the rights of people and their election as their leader.

we as a peace server want to participate in strongest terms for efforts on building peace and serving for a bright future for upcoming generations. perhaps we may not be a massive unit for the moment, but surly we are growing every day with well planing and aims for serving to peace and will become a large network for peace education and peace campaigns through establishing youth groups and networks in Afghanistan. peace serve web log is a project for spreading out information through virtual media and committing to each other for a joint effort in this journey with having common goals and objective, as far as peace is a common goal between all humans so we efforts for our common goals and benefits.


Positive Peace bring us prosperous future, happiness, freedom, education and civilization. 

the growing illiteracy rate, poverty and unemployment make people extremely vulnerable and their vulnerability provides an excellent springboard for insurgency in our country.  Expanding the visions of people is the best offensive against the terrorists’ ideology.

the best policy for institutionalization of peace and democracy is to do provide peace education for building peace and democracy which is a new, progressive and non-militaristic approach to obtain sustainable peace and  democracy. Ahmad Shah Halimi


3 responses to “Welcome to Peace Serve Web log

  1. Bente

    May 6, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    I`m proud to be your friend! This are wonderful thoughts written by a great man.
    I hope you will success in every way with your life and good work!!!

  2. Mansoor

    May 6, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    ahmad shah jan, it is nice of your new work with this weblog i think, hope success….

  3. ALi

    May 8, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Good job brothers it is good idealogy but I have one regust if you can ues More and poshto and farsi writings will be good!!!


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